Child-Based Learning vs Intentional Teaching…..

Courtney Taylor makes some really valid points in her blog. I have been working in the childcare industry and have seen many style of teaching approaches with children. Whilst there are great benefits to allow children to explore in their own learning through play at their own rate according to each child’s development and educators following upon their interests, there are benefits in educators supporting children in their own development as well. Whilst younger children are still building their emotional attachments and exploring their environment, there needs to be some intentional teaching implemented in the Early Childhood sector as children progress into the older age groups leading into the Primary School years. There are developmental milestones that educators aim to achieve for children in order for them to prepare them for their future education and learning.


About liv1609

I have been working in the childcare industry for 13 years and have decided to take the next step into Primary Education. I work full time as a Director of a Childcare centre and study externally part time. I have been living in Brisbane for 5 years now and previously residing in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, chilling out by the beach and taking some time out for myself when I can.
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