RAT framework

The RAT framework pops itself back up again in Week 8 of the learning path. To refresh our memory the acoronym RAT stands for:

  • Replacement – ICT is used to replace some prior means, but does not change any aspect of SLIC. All that changes is the medium used.
  • Amplification – ICT is used to amplify (increase) the efficiency or productivity without really changing any aspect of SLIC.
  • Transformation – ICT is used to transform some aspect of SLIC.

Lucas Naughton’s blog on the RAT framework outlines some detailed information in regards to the framework and some examples of how it can be used.


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I have been working in the childcare industry for 13 years and have decided to take the next step into Primary Education. I work full time as a Director of a Childcare centre and study externally part time. I have been living in Brisbane for 5 years now and previously residing in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, chilling out by the beach and taking some time out for myself when I can.
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