Concept mapping…..

So the new challenge this week was creating a concept map of “why we would use ICT in teaching?”. Whilst I have an understanding of the numerous benefits of utilising ICT in the classroom and the idea of a concept map, I needed to figure out and decide how I was going to create a digital concept map and which program to use. I have discovered through research there are multitude of programs ie. Text2Mindmapbubbl.usEDraw and many more, that can be used to create concept maps and once you start experimenting with the program it does eventually fall into place of how you want to create it. I read through several articles but found a website Australian Council for Computers in Education,highlights the many things that students can do in the classroom with ICT.

Find below my concept map of teaching within a Primary School Classroom utilising ICT.

I think I did ok 🙂 concept map text2mindmap (1)


About liv1609

I have been working in the childcare industry for 13 years and have decided to take the next step into Primary Education. I work full time as a Director of a Childcare centre and study externally part time. I have been living in Brisbane for 5 years now and previously residing in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, chilling out by the beach and taking some time out for myself when I can.
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