PKM – Personal Knowledge Management.

PKM – A collection process that effectively stores, retrieves and shares ideas to manage information that is obtained. The three main parts of the PKM process which are Seek, Sense and Share. I am finding Feedly and Study desk an effective way of keep track of what’s going on in the course and reading through blogs and finding information. 

As I still am in the process of conquering challenges utlising ICT and enhancing upon my professional development, I am trying to aim for what’s going to work best for me and the students that I will be teaching in the future. I aim to read information that I undercover through the resources available within this course, process and reflect this information and actively participate during the learning journey of ICT. The Jarche Harold reading outlines the PKM process a little more clearer.


About liv1609

I have been working in the childcare industry for 13 years and have decided to take the next step into Primary Education. I work full time as a Director of a Childcare centre and study externally part time. I have been living in Brisbane for 5 years now and previously residing in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, chilling out by the beach and taking some time out for myself when I can.
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