Week 1 – TEST framework exercise

This week we have been asked to use the TEST framework to determine a solution from various ICT issues that have arisen throughout studying EDC3100. We are required to:

1.  Pick one of the problems from the featured table, one that annoys me the most.
2.  Write a blog post where you use the TEST framework to analyse and select a solution to that problem.
3.  Add a link to your blog post in the “Example TEST analysis” column of the first table

4. Take a look at some of the other example TEST analyses done by other students for the other problems.

So my major issues I am facing at the moment….


I am currently finding it very overwhelming and daunting the work load required of EDC3100 utilising various ICT programs, learning paths and keeping up to date with the course content.  I need to find strategies in order to manage my time and sanity to ensure that I gather and read all the vital information.


I work full time and studying 2 courses each semester. I have computer access at both home and work and Studydesk access on my IPhone, but due to the demands of work I am only able to utilise this for a short period of time. My study schedule is based usually between 7.30pm – 9pm most nights and all day Saturday.


I am quite competent is utilising the emails, Study desk and using Google to search websites. I am familiar with the general operations of a computer as this is something I utilise everyday in my personal and professional life. Some minor IT issues with new programs cause frustration with lack of knowledge. I am very good time management skills.


1. Make it first priority to check the Study desk, WordPress, Diigo, Feedly and Evernote at the beginning of when I plan to start studying to collate information.

2. Save and print important course content material – Most of the material in the Moodle books that can be printed out to highlight vital information and also save onto my laptop.

3. Ask questions – email David or on the Studydesk forums about any information needing clarification.

4. Breakdown the study schedule requirements for the week – Set goals for myself each day of what I need to accomplish to develop a clear mind frame.


I aim to focus on the current week requirements of EDC3100 and think its important to set goals to ensure I am keeping on track. Clearly outlining my expectations of myself and commit solidly to my study times to ensure productively and completion of tasks. I will take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand and ask questions when I need to, and straight away so I don’t dwell on it.


About liv1609

I have been working in the childcare industry for 13 years and have decided to take the next step into Primary Education. I work full time as a Director of a Childcare centre and study externally part time. I have been living in Brisbane for 5 years now and previously residing in Cairns, Far North Queensland. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy, chilling out by the beach and taking some time out for myself when I can.
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